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Know Your County Government

Hey Whatcom County Teens, Families and Leaders!

Have you ever wondered what makes a young person successful? Here in Whatcom County we are blessed with many assets that help young people thrive! 4-H is one of those assets, and you are one of those lucky people who reap the benefits of a strong 4-H community!

What is Public Health?
Pubic health (according to American Heritage Dictionary )The science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a community, as by preventive medicine, health education, control of communicable diseases, application of sanitary measures, and monitoring of environmental hazards.


When it comes to young people, there are important issues that affect your development, and the development of your friends, relatives, animals and your community. As members of a community your contributions and leadership help create the environment in which you live.

How healthy is the Whatcom County 4-H community? How does the health of the Whatcom County community affect all of us? How can 4-H affect community health?

Let’s begin with an online activity exploring 4-H and Youth Health in Whatcom County.

Video 1: Introduction to Whatcom Youth
Video 2: Youth Culture and Safety
Video 3: Attitudes and Drug Use among Whatcom Teens
Video 4: Communities of Prevention

- Survey (rtf)

So What Matters?
In April, the Board of Health is going to talk about a few issues that might interest you. They definitely can affect public health.

• School Immunization Exclusion Policies: Should parents be able to waive their children’s immunizations and then send them into public schools? What are the risks? Are there benefits?

• 2010 Disease Surveillance: With the Olympics taking place in BC, there will be a lot of people coming here from all around the world. What does that mean for us?

• What happens to injection needles and other bio-waste in Whatcom county? Where does it go after it’s put in the little red bag?

There are many other issues that really can affect you, particularly as a participant in 4-H.

• How do we keep ourselves, our animals and the public safe from diseases transmitted through livestock, pets and other animals?

• How can we share the benefits of 4-H with youth who really need a helping hand?

How do you feel about the issues that young people face in Whatcom County? What do you feel are important issues ?

Forum/ Blog:

Get Connected:
KYCG this year will include a visit to the Whatcom County Public Health Advisory Board, April 7th, 7 - 8:30 AM. 4-H members are encouraged to work together to plan a brief presentation on public health topics that matter to them.

For more information about the Whatcom County Health Department, check out their website at: http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/health/index.jsp



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