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Growing with Challenge

The Whatcom County Challenge Program includes a variety of experiential opportunities designed to help young people develop self-efficacy, collaboration and communication skills, leadership and group cohesion. Insights and learning from Challenge experiences are shared, discussed, and considered as templates for positive life changes in real life settings.

The Challenge Program consists of a variety of course, seminar, and workshop options. The general format of our program includes non-competitive games woven into a series of individual and group Challenge initiatives. Built from a group’s identified goals, trained Challenge facilitators deliver a sequence of activities, which proceed from ice-breaking, trust-building, and safety instructions and lead into problem-solving challenges.

A Challenge Workshop can be planned for an evening, a ½ day, or a full day depending on the group's goals and time constraints. It can be tailored to any group and does not require athletic abilities, though a willingness for some physical activity is necessary to participate. Programs can be disigned to accomidate people with disabilities.


Challenge Options:


Portable Challenge

This workshop is excellent for families and work groups, such as teachers, government employees, or other groups, who spend a fair amount of time together and are looking for a non-threatening, enjoyable group learning experience. It can also help accelerate the cooperative relationships of new groups. It is designed for participants to get to know each other better by providing an opportunity to partake in group problem solving initiatives and non-competitive games. Activities are presented in a sequence that leads a group step-by-step toward their goals. Program requires an open indoor or outdoor space, such as a gym, cafeteria, community hall, or game field.


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Contact 4-H Extension Educator - Email: Michael Wallace or call WSU Whatcom Extension at (360) 676-6736


Family Night Out!

Family Night Out! is an effective and fun way to work with families. The Family Night Out! model utilizes 4-H Portable Challenge or experiential/adventure based learning with families. Family Night Out! has helped to build more resilient families and communities by bringing area families together to meet and play, often for the first time.


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Contact Information - Email: Drew Betz or call WSU Whatcom Extension at (360) 676-6736


Becoming a 4-H Challenge Facilitator

Thorough training provides new facilitators with the experience, tools and insurances to begin work as a Challenge facilitator.


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The 4-H Challenge Program of Whatcom County is a part of the Washington State University 4-H Challenge Network.


Other Training Opportunities:

Washington State 4-H Challenge

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