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4-H GPS / GIS Project





GPS Resources





Middle / Intermediate
Outdoor Navigation with Map and Compass (pdf)

Introduction to Latitude and Longitude

Trimble Slideshow: How GPS Works

“Find Your Longitude” Nova Game

How GPS works online activity

How to Use a GPS (Helpful Hints)


High / Senior
How Do Map Projections Distort Earths Surface?
Important information since GIS tools can select from several projection types.

ESRI Video On GPS to GIS (Large file 7MB)
  Right click link, save to your computer, then play with Media Player

Moving Points from GPS to GIS

ESRI Creating a Map from X, Y Coordinate Data

How do Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Help Us See Changes in the Earth?

Using Garmin with Paper Maps


From Star Gazers to Starships – Chapter 5 – Latitude and Longitude

GPS Activities
The Whatcom County Extension Office has 4 GPS Garmin Rino Units available for two-three day loan to local 4-H clubs or school groups. For more info please contact Michael Wallace.

Map Datums and Coordinate Systems (Word Document)
Preparing GPS Receivers for Group Activities (Word Document)
MJC GPS Field Exercises (Word Document)
GPS Glossary (Word Document)

Special Thanks to Mike Clifford, 4-H Leader in Virginia for the above documents.


Science Surfing (Cool Sites and Directories)
Mr Davies Science and Education Links

Exploring Earth – an online interactive learning lab

Xpeditions: National Geographic Geography



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