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Park Patrol

The Big Picture

“Our long term prosperity depends on the faithful stewardship of the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the land that we sow. That’s a sacred trust.”
- Barack Obama, 2009

As a community member, it is important to understand the environmental and societal benefits that parks provide. Parks can preserve historical, cultural, and natural areas of significance for future generations, while also offering recreational opportunities for communities today. The following series of activities are meant to encourage stewardship through appreciation, observation, and outreach associated with parks within the community.

Explorer - Skill Level: One Engager - Skill Level: Two Citizen Scientist - Skill Level: Three


Using GPS to build maps.

Activity: Understanding Parks and Impacts through GIS

Objective: Learn about Geospatial Mapping (GIS/GPS)

Science Skills: GPS/GIS technology, Predict, Observe, Collect Data, Collaborate, Solve Complex Problems

Life Skills: Teamwork, Keeping Records, Cooperation

Preparation Activities: Review the Facilitator’s Guide and Youth Guide linked in “Explore More” for a complete list of activity requirements. Ask your Extension office for prepared project kits.

What You Will Need:
- Transparencies copied with grids
- Dry erase pens

A) Work as a team to design a park
B) Work as a team to solve a pressing community issue using geospatial data

Consider entering your park design in the 2013 National Science Experiment!




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