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Transformational and Shared Leadership


Positive Youth Development: Do You Have What it Takes?
(3 hrs.) + Reading Group
Recommended for long-term 4-H leaders

What is positive youth development? What does research say about positive youth development? Does your organization support positive youth development? Do your personal interactions with young people support positive youth development? This experiential workshop will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts to deliver the essential elements of positive youth development. You will leave with a program improvement plans tailored to your group.
$50.00 or Free for enrolled 4-H Leaders


FAST: Facilitation Skills Training for Leaders
(21 hrs., Clock Hours Available on request)
Usually offered late summer

This three day training will introduce teen leaders, teachers, counselors and recreational staff to the highly adaptable theories and the games of “portable challenge.” This methodology of experiential games for building cooperation and teamwork are supported by evidence-based practices for helping youth develop self-efficacy and communication skills. Participants are eligible for ongoing mentoring in the WSU Challenge program and have access to the WSU Portable Challenge library and games/props.


Achievement, Recognition and Personality
3 hours - + Reading Group
Usually offered early November

Competition: healthy or unhealthy? The debate is multifaceted and any program that utilizes competition owes it to their participants to have a clear understanding of the benefits, risks and invisible players in the world of winners and losers. Understanding developmental and motivational approaches to parenting, achievement, and leadership can help build a just and rewarding program for all involved.
$50.00 or Free for enrolled 4-H Leaders


Experiencing Science
3 workshops/ 3 days, Clock Hrs. Available
Usually offered mid to late spring

In these workshops, adults who work with youth can explore the experience of hands-on science from a learner’s perspective, and gain valuable skills, insight and resources to enhancing science projects. Workshops can be attended individually or as a set. Portions of the Curriculum were developed using “Fundamentals of Inquiry” which was originally developed by the Exploratorium, Institute of Inquiry, San Francisco through work supported by the National Science Foundation. The award winning Junk Drawer Robotics Series is aligned to the National Science Education Standards (NSES) and Standards for Technological Literacy (STL).
$150 each, discounts for multiples

Workshop 1:
Approaches to Hands on Science & Skills for Inquiry
Learn different ways to deliver experiential science activities depending on your desired outcomes. Learn about the NGSS Science Practices.

Workshop 2:
Raising Questions and Engaging in Argument
Learn how to scaffold youth asking effective science questions and give them confidence to interact in scientific argumentation with their peers.

Workshop 3:
Digging into Junk Drawer Robotics
Practice the skills of Workshops 1 & 2 or simply come to learn what’s in “the Junk Drawer!” An excellent set of activities for teaching the engineering design process to youth!


4-H Club Orientations
Club Leader Orientation 6 hrs. / Project Leader Orientation 3 hrs.
These orientations prepare adults for service as either a 4-H leader project leader or a club leader. They are generally offered once in the Fall and once in the Spring, (October and April).
Free with approved application



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