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Pacific NW Native Crane Flies 

By Eric LaGasa,
Washington State Department of Agriculture

The following pictures are provided for reference, to assist in the identification of the introduced exotic cranefly species presented on the Crane Fly Identification pages.

As can be seen in the following pictures, most cranefly species in the Pacific Northwest have obvious coloration or structural differences when compared to Tipula oleracea and T. paludosa. The most obvious differences are in body coloration and wing pigmentation. Wing patterns, often seen as colored veins or various dark shapes, or "pictures", are common in the non-target (native) species.

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Tipula albofacia
female, (Doane)

Tipula cognata
female, (Doane)
Tipula (Beringotipula)
sp. female
Tipula dorsimaculata
female, (Walker)

Tipula (Hesperotipula)
sp. female
Tipula (Lunatipula) sp.
Tipula lygropis
female, (Alexander)

Tipula lygropis
male, (Alexander)
Tipula pseudo-
, female
Tipula pubera
female, (Doane)

Tipula (Sinotipula) sp.
Tipula spenceriana
female, (Alexander)
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