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Community Food Assessment

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Whatcom Community Food Assessment

A community food assessment is a way to understand how a local food system is functioning. It provides information about the assets, challenges, and opportunities within various sectors of a food economy.

The first Whatcom County Community Food Assessment (CFA) was initiated in 2007 and completed in 2011, with the support of a broad base of stakeholders. (History of Whatcom CFA ) The 2011 CFA described the state of the local food system, primarily using statistical data from 2007-2009, to identify critical gaps and challenges.

One conclusion of the 2011 CFA was that there was a need for further collaboration and cooperation between organizations working on issues within the food system. This led to the formation of the Whatcom Food Network (WFN) in 2011. Over the next two years, Network members identified common goals and developed a graphic that illustrates the interconnectedness of the food system.

In 2013, a Sub-committee from the WFN was formed to review the 2011 CFA and provide an update on recent developments. This update is presented in an interactive, web-based format to help organizations easily access information and connect with others working towards common goals.

To access the 2013 CFA Information:
The 2013 CFA Update Report outlines the current challenges, opportunities, and key developments in the Whatcom County food system, and describes the methodology for keeping the information fresh and relevant.

The Food System Sector pages provide a snapshot of current challenges, collaborations, and opportunities in each sector of the food system (land/water, farming/fishing, labor, processing/distribution, consumption, waste).

The Indicators of a Healthy Food System page illustrates changing conditions related to various goal areas and sectors.

A list of all of the organizations working toward improving the local food system can be found on the Food System Organizations page. For each organization, there is a link to its website.

The Resources page offers links to the materials that local organizations have found to be particularly valuable, and is organized by food system sector.

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