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2016 Presentations


2016 Washington Blueberry Commission Annual Meeting - State of the Blueberry Industry

- 2016 State of Blueberry Lynden (pdf)




2016 Washington Blueberry Commission Annual Meeting - Research Needs





2016 Washington Blueberry Commission Annual Meeting - Export Market Development

- Export Market Development (pdf)




Matt Arrington, Foliar Applications of Calcium and Boron for Improved Fruit Set in Blueberry

- Nutrient Presentation Slides (pdf)



Matt Arrington, Hive Stocking Density and Pollinator Supplementation in Washington Blueberry

- Hive Density and Pollinator Supplementation in Washington Highbush (pdf)




WA State Patrol, Berry Load Enforcement Issues

- DOT Academy Load Securement 2016 (pdf)




Derek Sandison, WSDA





Lisa DeVetter, Update on Soilborne Disease Management and Fumigation Trials

- Soil Fumigation Trails 2016 (pdf)




Rachel Rudolph, Comparing the Effects of Brassicaceous Seed Meal to Chemical Fumigation in Replanted Red Raspberry Production

- BSM and Root Removal (pdf)




Virginia Stockwell, Microbes of Red Raspberry Buds, Flowers, and Fruit

- Stockwell Microbes of Red Raspberry Buds (pdf)




Bev Gerdeman, Caneberry 2016 Insecticide/Miticide Decline Study

- 2016 Caneberry Insecticide Miticide Residue Study (pdf)




Tim Miller, Herbicide Testing in Red Raspberry

- Miller Herbicide Testing in Red Raspberry (pdf)




Bob Martin, Blueberry Virus and Aphid Survey in the PNW and National Blueberry Virus Survey

- Washington Blueberry Virus Survey - Martin (pdf)




Chad Finn - Blueberries that are slow to get Blueberry Shock Virus and other Promising Blueberry Selections

- 2_FINN_LyndenBlueberryShock2016 (pdf)




Tim Miller, Effects of Several Herbicides Applied to Young Blueberry

- Effects of Several Herbicides Applied to Young Blueberry (pdf)




Washington Red Raspberry Commission

- WA Red Raspberry Commission (pdf)




National Processed Raspberry Commission

- NPRC Program Highlights (pdf)




Bev Gerdeman, Microsprinklers for Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila in Mature PNW Highbush Blueberry

- Microsprinklers for Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila in Mature PNW Highbush Blueberry (pdf)




Alan Schreiber, Fungicide Decline Curves for Blueberry To Assist Growers in Meeting MRLs

- Residue Decline Curves for Blueberries and Raspberries or How To Meet MRLs in Export Markets (pdf)




Brad Rader, Whatcom Family Farmers

- Whatcom Family Farmers (pdf)




Bryant Christie - Expanding Berry Exports to Asia - Matt Lanz, Eric Rosenberg

- Expanding Berry Exports to Asia (pdf)




Dalphy Harteveld, Mummy Berry on Blueberry in the PNW

- Mummy Berry of Blueberryin the Pacific Northwest (pdf)




Tobin Peever and Alan Schreiber, Management of Botrytis Fungicide Resistance in Berries

- Management of Resistance to Fungicides used for Botrytis Control in Berries (pdf)




Tom Hoffmann, 2015 WPS Revisions Ramping up for the 2017 Requirements

- The Worker Protection Standard (pdf)

- 3M Wearing Filtering Face Piece Respirator & Clean Reusable Respirators (pdf)

- 2016 EPA WPS How to Comply Manual - Cover (pdf)

- EPA 2016 WPS How to Comply Manual (pdf)

- EPA WPS Quick Reference Guide 08-23-2016 (pdf)

- EPA WPS 2002-2015 Comparison Chart 10-2015 (pdf)

- Heat Illness Urine Chart OSHA Know Signs Dangers (pdf)

- LNI Emergency Wash Req Pesticide Handlers Q&A PUBF417 (pdf)

- LNI Employers Guide Hazzard Comm Rule 413-012-000 (pdf)

- LNI Heat Related Illness Education Card (pdf)

- LNI Workers Guide Hazardous Chemicals 413-014-909 (pdf)

- WSDA 581 Pesticide Education Classes (pdf)

- WSDA 581 Spanish - Pesticide Education Classes (pdf)

- WSDA 4153R Workplace Checklist for WPS (pdf)

- WSDA 4153R Workplace Checklist WPS 11-22-2016 FINAL (pdf)

- WSDA 4386 Central Posting Pesticide Applications (pdf)

- WSDA 4387 Info Exch Custom Applic Grower (pdf)

- WSDA 4388 Info Exchange Grower Custom Applicator (pdf)




Gwen Hoeheisel, The Power of Air to affect Spray Coverage in Blueberries

- Optimizing Your Sprayer (pdf)




Nick Bond, What Does the Crystal Ball Indicate for Future Precipitation and Streamflows?

- Bond_WA_Small_Fruit (pdf)




Doug Allen, Water for a Wet County

- Water For A Wet County (pdf)




Steve Jilk, Water Use and Supply Planning in Whatcom County

- Water Use and Supply Planning in Whatcom County (pdf)




Chad Kruger, Emerging Tools to Forecast Water Supply and Crop Water Demand

- Emerging Tools to Forecast Water Supply and Crop Water Demand (pdf)




Don McMoran, Water Irrigation System Efficiency (WISE) Program

- WSU WISE (pdf)




Wiharti Purba, Biology and control of Broadleaf Dock

- Biology and Control of Broadleaf Dock (pdf)



Tim Miller, Herbicide Testing in Strawberries

- Herbicide Testing in Strawberry (pdf)



Jerry Weiland, Screening Phytopthora Rubi for Fungicide Resistance

- Phytophthora Rubi Fungicide Resistance (pdf)



Alan Schreiber, Developing Organic Controls for SWD in Blueberries – Year 5

- SWD Washington Organic Blueberries (pdf)



Alan Schreiber, Management of Mummy Berry and Botryits in Blueberries

- Organic Blueberry Mummy Berry Organic Data (pdf)



Tom Hoffmann, Chemigation and Fertigation - A Refresher of What We Already Knew

- 2016 Small Fruit Conference Chemigation & Fertigation - Lynden (pdf)

- ChemigationRule_WAC_202-1001 (pdf)

- ConversionTablesIrrigation_12-2016 (pdf)

- Fertigation_Rule (pdf)

- PNW_FS035E_CalculatingInjectionRates (pdf)

- PNW_FS228E_DripSolidSet-WeightBased_Worksheet (pdf)

- PNW_FS229E_DripSoildSet-VolumeBased_Worksheet (pdf)

- WSDA_4236-ChecklistTankPlacementPressure (pdf)

- WSDA_Backflow_Prevention_Checklist-2016 (pdf)

- WSDA_CFTAP_Pamphlet (pdf)

- WSDA_Product_Injection_Checklist-2016 (pdf)

- WSDA_Substituted_Technology_Checklist (pdf)



Inga Zasada, Update on Nematology Research in PNW Red Raspberry

- Digesting 8 Years of Nematode Data from NW Raspberry Fields (pdf)



Jerry Weiland, Verticillium Survey Results: Is it in Red Raspberry Production Fields?

- Verticillium Survey Results (pdf)



Rachel Rudolph, The Effects of Alleyway Cover Cropping on Soil Quality in established Red Raspberry Production

- Soil Quality and Cover Crops in Red Raspberry in the Pacific Northwest (pdf)


Kara Lanning, Preliminary results of a Survey for a Resistance - Breaking Strain of Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus in Lynden, WA

- Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus (pdf)


Nichole Embertson, Dairies to Berries: How to Effectively use Manure without causing Pollution Issues

- Dairies To Berries (pdf)


Matt Arrington, Land Management Practices for Soil and Water Quality

- Berry Land Management (pdf)


Manoj Karkee, Bird Detterence with UAVs

- BirdsDeterrence_UAV (pdf)


Manoj Karkee, Technology in other Industries

- Technologies in other Crops (pdf)


Mark Bolda, Update on Methyl Bromide Fumigation Alternatives in California

- Fumigation Alternatives in Berries (pdf)


Manoj Karkee, Automating Cane Bundling in Red Raspberries

- Tying of Red Raspberry Promicanes (pdf)


Mark Bolda, SWD in California

- Update on Spotted Wing Drosophila (pdf)






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