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2018 Presentations

Focus on Labor WA SFC 2018

Dan Fazio

Fazio_Wed (pdf)FazioWAFLA_Notes (pdf)


Raspberry Preplant Fumigation Strategies

Tom Walters

RaspberryPreplantFumigationStrategies (pdf)


Siva Sabartnam - Prevalence and Distribution of Soil Borne Pathogens in British Columbia

Siva Sabartnam

Soil Borne Pathogens (pdf)


Disease Control in Berries

Alan Schreiber

Berry-Disease-Berries (pdf)


Herbicide Programs to Control Weeds in Blueberries

Tim Miller

Herbicide-Programs-Weeds-Blueberries (pdf)


From Dairies to Berries

Betsy Schacht

BiofertSFC_2018_1 (pdf)


Food Safety Implication of Manure Derived Fertilizers

Meijun Zhu

SmallFruit2018Zhu (pdf)


Introduction and panel discussion on present state of the Washington fresh strawberry market


Mid-late Season Pest Management for Day Neutral Strawberries

Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt

2018_HoashiErhardt_Thurs (pdf)


Panels: Stories from fresh strawberry growers/interest from potential buyers


Fresh Strawberry Research Update: Cultivar choices and the future of strawberry cultivar development in the Northwest

Julie Pond

Pond_Thursday (pdf)


Weed Management Update and Strawberry Herbicide Discussion

Tim Miller

Miller-Strawberry-Lynden-18 (pdf)


Fresh Market Equipment and Supplies Discussion and Survey


Back to Basics: Why pollination can be poor and what you can do about it

Andony Melathopoulos


Improving pollinator habitat to increase seed/fruit set

Tim Lawrence


Going Hard on Pests and Soft on Pollinators

Andony Melathopoulos


Compare blueberry pollen vigor and germination between 4 different cultivars

Weixan Gan


Promising strategies that can improve blueberry pollination

Weixan Gan


Washington Red Raspberry Commission Annual Meeting - WA Small Fruit Conference


Moth Mania!

Beverly Gerdeman

Moth-Mania (pdf)


Insect Management in Blueberries

Alan Schreiber

InsectManagementBlueberries (pdf)


Victoria DeBruin, US Highbush Blueberry Council Keynote Speaker

Victoria DeBruin, USHBC


Andre Denis Wright, WSU CAHNRS Dean - Keynote

Andre Denis-Wright


Fine Tuning Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources, Rate, and Cut-Off Time in Organic Blueberry

Amit Bhasin, M.S. Student

Bhasin_Wednesday (pdf)


Mechanized Harvesting of Fresh Market Blueberry

Lisa DeVetter

DeVetterMH_20182 (pdf)


Mulches in Red Raspberry

Huan Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate

Zhang_Wed (pdf)


Dynamics of Colonization of Red Rapsberry Flowers and Fruit by Botrytis cinerea

Olga Khozar, Ph.D. Candidate

Botrytis_red_raspberry (pdf)


Performance of Some Commonly Used Sprayers in Highbush Blueberries

Gwen Hoheisel


Washington Blueberry Commission Annual Meeting 2018 WA Small Fruit Conference


Effects of Cane Burning on Older Raspberry FIelds

Tim Miller

Miller-Raspberry-Lynden-18 (pdf)


Herbicide and Fungicide Residues in Blueberries at Harvest

Alan Schreiber

Fungicide-Herbicide-Decline-Curves (pdf)



Bill Bryant, Bryant Christie


SWD Resistance Management

Brian Gress

Gress_Thurs_2018 (pdf)


Updates on Modeling Blueberry Coldhardiness

Gwen Hoheisel


Biodegradable Plastic Mulches for Profitability

Kuan-Ju Chen

Chen_2018 (pdf)


Spider Mite Tolerance Studies in Whatcom Red Raspberry

Beverly Gerdeman

YouMakeTheBeast (pdf)


Whatcom County PDR Program

Chris Elder

Elder_Thurs (pdf)


Caneberry Insecticide/Miticide Decline Study

Hollis Spitler

Decline-Study-291118 (pdf)


Update on the Produce Safety Rule in Washington



Respirator Fundamentals, Pre-Selection, Selection, Use, Maintenance & Cleaning

Gabrielle Toutonghi





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