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Presentations from 2016 Event


Rules and Regulations for Irrigation Water

Dr. Barbara Rasco, WSU/UI School of Food Science

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Determining Your Microbiological Water Quality Profile (MWQP) for Untreated Surface Water Used in the Production of Fresh Produce Calculating Spreadsheet – Western Center for Food Safety, UC Davis (Excel Spreadsheet)

A brief update on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) as it relates to irrigation and wash water and the practical implications for farm operators.


Water Quality: How to Test, Treat and Comply

Kent Oostra, Exact Scientific

Presentation Slides (pdf)

This talk will discuss the appropriate method to take a water sample to meet new FSMA guidelines and the parameters (regulatory and those not required) necessary to make an irrigation system work under various water quality situations.


Mechanical Filtration: What Can and Cannot be removed from Irrigation Water

Brian Toleson, Everfilt Inc.

Presentation Slides (pdf)

“Can filtration be used to remove pathogens from irrigation water?” “Can the iron be filtered from my irrigation water?” This talk will address these common questions along with introduce new technologies in agricultural filtration.


Chemical Injection: When to Chemically Treat Irrigation Water

Chris Binfield, Meras Engineering

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Water quality regulations often require chemical treatment of irrigation water.  What chemicals are available and how will these affect both my crops and bottom line?


Downstream Water Quality Impacts

Erika Douglas, Whatcom County PIC Program

Presentation Slides (pdf)

What is the current state of water quality in Whatcom county?  What are regulatory agencies looking for?


On-Farm Practices to Reduce Downstream Water Quality Impacts

Lisa DeVetter, WSU Department of Horticulture, Mount Vernon NWREC

Presentation Slides (pdf)

“What can I do on my farm to not contribute to the problem?”





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