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Presentations from 2017 Event


Well Inspection and Maintenance

Bill Clothier, President - B&C Well Drilling & Pump Service Inc.

Presentation Slides (pdf)

B&C Well Drilling drilled their first well in 1949 and is the longest running well drilling company in Whatcom County. Bill will explain how to maintain maximum available water from agricultural wells and what options are available when flows are reduced. Bill has unprecedented knowledge of well drilling in our area and the many physical challenges of tapping into the ground water supply.



Hydrogeology of Western Whatcom County

Chuck Lindsay, Senior Principal Hydrogeologist - Associated Earth Sciences Inc.

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Chuck Lindsay has been evaluating groundwater resources and water right issues in Whatcom County since 1983. He is currently working with Whatcom County to develop a groundwater flow model that could be used to evaluate options to mitigate impacts to instream flows from the use of groundwater. Chuck will provide an overview of the primary groundwater systems in western Whatcom County including a summary of his latest research and modeling work.



Water Rights and Permitting Update

Andy Dunn, Project Hydrogeologist - RH2 Engineering Inc.

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Andy will provide an update on groundwater rights and permitting issues.



Measuring Pump Efficiency

Mike Eglitis, Irrigation Sales Manager - Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.

Presentation Slides (pdf)

ML&S has provided irrigation pumping solutions since 1945. Mike will provide methods of measuring pump efficiency and the principal causes of power/efficiency losses in the field. He will also explain new vs. old motor technology, manufacturer pump curves and how this apply to choosing the correct pump.



Flow Meters, Application and Accuracy

Katie Englin, Agriculture Business Development Manager - Seametrics Inc.

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Seametrics has been providing high-value agricultural flow meters since 1990. Katie will cover a variety of topics ranging from meter selection (mechanical vs. electromagnetic, inline vs. insertion) to field accuracy verification. She will also touch on future trends in mechanical and no moving parts meters along with remote monitoring.







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