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Blueberry Scorch Virus


Pest Description

WSU Whatcom County IPM Pest Profile for Blueberry Scorch Virus:
Michigan State University Extension:



  • If a plant shows symptoms of scorch a confirmation lab test is needed. Contact the WHPDB for instruction on how to do this.
  • If the test is confirmed positive, the infected plants and roots should be removed immediately as well as six adjacent plants within the row.
  • Continue tissue sampling and plant tracking programs in the infected field to see if additional plants test positive.
  • Initiate intensive rouging of infected plants.
  • Implement rigorous aphid management programs for at least two years following virus management.
  • Yellow sticky cards will then be installed and monitored by the WCHPDB during that time period.


Further Management Guidelines
Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbook:



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