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We wanted to share our Fall Forum Report and presenter slides with all of you. Thank you for those who attended and for those that couldn’t make it we hope to see you at the next Forum in May 2017.

Center for Good Food Purchasing (pdf)

Fall Forum Summary Report (pdf)

Towards Zero Waste Slides (pdf)

The Forum was a success with over 50 in attendance, informative presentations, and many opportunities to connect with others who work in our local food system. If you attended and didn’t fill out an evaluation, we would love your feedback – we always use it to help plan future Forums. Also a black bike helmet was left, let me know if it is yours.

Thank you again for your interest and involvement, our goal is to hold a space for those working across the different parts of our local food system to come together to learn and collaborate, we couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Holidays,
Diana Meeks
Communications & Program Assistant
Sustainable Connections
Whatcom Food Network
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2016 Spring Forum Summary Report (pdf)

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Working to build common understanding
and facilitate collaborative efforts
toward an equitable, sustainable
and healthy food system for all.

Many organizations are working toward improving the food system in Whatcom County, from farm to fork to food disposal. Representatives of these groups are working toward improving the food system in Whatcom County by building partnerships to create a more just and coordinated food system!

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A Brief History

The Whatcom Food Network was formed in April 2010, when a group of people came together with the goal of increasing coordination and collaboration among food-systems related organizations. This group became the Whatcom Food Network Planning Committee, which acts as the hub for these organizations throughout the county as we continue to define our network model, functions, values and goals.

Network projects include the hosting of a Whatcom Food Network Forum in May 2011, where a diverse group of 35 organizations convened to learn about the findings of the Whatcom Community Food Assessment, learn of model collaboration projects in other communities, and participate in small group discussions to further the implementation of the food network. A second forum in October 2011 built upon momentum from the first forum by adding to planning committee efforts around Network goals, and sparking mutual inspiration to continue collaborating and integrating our work.

This is an exciting time for Whatcom County food systems, as we build partnerships toward a more equitable, sustainable and healthy food system!


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