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Weed of the Month


Dalmatian Toadflax (July 2006) (PDF)

Garlic Mustard (June 2006) (PDF)

Elcampane (May 2006) (PDF)

Common Fennel (April 2006) (PDF)

Flowering Rush (March 2006) (PDF) Coming Soon

Yellow Archangel (Febuary 2006) (PDF)

Common Fennel (January 2006) (PDF)

African Elodea (December 2005) (PDF)

Water Primrose (November 2005) (PDF)

Spartina (October 2005) (PDF)

Hoary Alyssum (September 2005) (PDF)

Silver Lace Vine (July 2005) (PDF)

Clary Sage (May 2005) (PDF)

Portuguese Broom (April 2005) (PDF)

Water Caltrop & Water Chestnut (March 2005) (PDF)

Patersons Curse (February 2005) (PDF)

Common Groundsel (January 2005) (PDF)

Gorse (December 2004) (PDF)

Brazilian Elodea (November 2004) (PDF)

Common Reed (September 2004) (HTM)

Hedge Bindweed (August 2004) (PDF)

Spartina (July 2004) (PDF)

Butterfly Bush (May 2004) (PDF)

Hoary Alyssum (April 2004) (PDF)

Fanwort (March 2004) (PDF)

Myrtle Spurge (February 2004) (PDF)

Yellow Floating Heart (September 2003) (PDF)

Fragrant Water Lily (August 2003) (PDF)

Himalayan Knotweed (July 2003) (PDF)

Garlic Mustard (May & June 2003) (PDF)

Creeping Buttercup (April 2003) (PDF)

Kudzu (March 2003) (PDF)

Buffalobur (February 2003) (PDF)

Goatsrue (December 2002) (PDF)

Reed Canarygrass (November 2002) (PDF)

Policeman's Helmet (October 2002) (PDF)

Purple Loosestrife (September 2002) (PDF)

Blackberries (PDF)

Poison Hemlock (PDF)

Meadow Knapweed (PDF)

Fragrant Water Lily (PDF)

English Ivy (PDF)

Canada Thistle (PDF)

Old Man's Beard (PDF)

Japanese Knotweed (PDF)

Garden Loosestrife (PDF)

Giant Hogweed (PDF)

Spotted Knapweed (PDF)

Wild Chervil (PDF)

Dyers Woad (PDF)

St Johnswort (PDF)

Parrot Feather (PDF)

Hydrilla (PDF)

Spanish Broom (PDF)

Scotch Thistle (PDF)

Bighead Knapweed (PDF)

Meadow Knapweed (PDF)

Spotted Knapweed (PDF)

Tansy Ragwort (PDF)

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