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Why Compost

  • Work with nature! Compost helps us protect the land from our "trash," and the soil benefits from the natural product of decomposition.
  • Save $$ (you won’t need as much fertilizer and/or water, and your curbside trash will decrease!
  • Generate less waste. Compost is one solution to our solid waste woes.


Benefits of compost to the Garden:

  • Loosens up clay soils so air and water can penetrate
  • Helps sandy soils retain water and nutrients
  • Adds essential nutrients and soil microorganisms
  • May reduce incidence of plant diseases & other harmful organisms

How to Use Compost:

  • In the flower or vegetable garden, or around trees & shrubs
  • For house plants and planter boxes
  • As part of a seed starting mix
  • On the lawn, as a top dressing (if screened)

Local Sources of Compost:

  • Smit's Compost
    9039 Guide Meridian (1 mi. N. of Lynden), WA
    (360) 354-3583


  • Cornerstone Farms
    8508 Van Buren Rd. (at Lindsay Rd), Everson, WA
    (360) 966-4895


  • Growsource, Inc.
    Hannigan & Division, Bellingham, WA
    (360) 318-8554


  • D.G. Lobdell LLC, Stonehaven Yard
    5399 La Bounty Dr., Ferndale, WA
    (360) 384-2600




Upcoming Events:

MG Foundation General Meeting
Foundation Board meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month, at 10 am.

Exception Note: The October 5th meeting has been moved to Thursday, September 28th.

Foundation Webpage


Monthly Plant Study Group
Location: Cordata Food Cooperative upstairs meeting room
Time: 9am-11am
Contact: Karen Gilliam

Special Links:
Community Gardens Map (link)
Hovander Demonstration Gardens Brochure (pdf)
List of CFG Partner Gardens (pdf)
Garden Directory (pdf)

Current Issue:

Weeder's Digest


Hovander Demonstration Gardens Brochure



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