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Hovander Workshops

Hovander Workshops

2015 Gardening Workshop Schedule

- Workshops are held at Tennant Lake Interpretive Center & Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale.
- No registration is required and workshops are Open to the Public and FREE!

At Tennant Lake Interpretive Center (Indoors)

     Location A (map)

March 1st

Sunday at 2pm

INTRODUCTION to Gardening in Whatcom County

     Planning, climate, soil, and planting schedule for vegetables & flowers in Whatcom County and intro to WSU gardening resources.

April 12th

Sunday at 2pm

Soils that Grow Your Food

     Cover crops, soil biology, and cultivating beneficial soil microbes.


Special Saturday Event:


May 9th

SATURDAY, 9am-2pm

Master Gardener Annual Plant Sale

     Hovander Homestead Park, Ferndale, WA

• Locally grown tomatoes, perennials, herbs, fruit trees & natives.
• Master Gardeners will be available to answer questions.
• Plant Clinic and Information Booth
• Mini Workshops will be on-going throughout the day
• Food sales, vendors and displays
• Cash, Checks and Credit/Debit cards will be accepted


At Hovander Park - Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens

     Location B (map)

May 9th

SATURDAY at 9am - 2pm

Variety day at the Plant Sale

     During the plant sale, mini-workshops will feature various topics including composting, plant pathology, and companion planting.

June 7th

Sunday at 2pm

The Basics of Vegetable and Plant Diseases

     Identification and prevention of common garden scourges.

July 12th

Sunday at 2pm

Cool Weather Crops for the Home Gardener

     Extend your growing season by planting winter vegetables. Learn what grows well in Whatcom County and when to plant your winter garden.

August 2nd

Sunday at 2pm

Weeds in the Garden

     Identification and weed management suggestions, held in the Weed Identification Garden at Hovander Park.

September 6th

Sunday at 2pm

Worm Bins and Home Composting

     Make a worm bin, turn steaming compost piles, become a soil builder. Includes tips on pest management.


Location A: Hovander Park - Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens
Location B: Tennant Lake Interpretive Center (Indoors) 

Hovander and Tennant Map


The Master Gardeners Diagnostic Plant Clinic, is open Monday through Friday at the extension office. Bring sections of diseased plants or pest samples – in closed plastic bags, for diagnosis and advice for no cost.



Master Gardeners work at Hovander Display Garden, Wednesday mornings, and are happy to offer cultivating tips to visitors.



More information on programs and services are available at:
or call (360) 778-5800


Sponsored by WSU Whatcom County Master Gardener Foundation. No registration is required.

Cooperating agencies: Washington State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Whatcom County. Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of non-compliance may be reported through your local Extension office.

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