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Master Gardeners Foundation

The Master Gardeners Foundation of Whatcom County supports the Master Gardeners program with fundraising and provides information about home horticulture to the public through demonstration gardens, lectures and home gardening advice.

MG Foundation Board Meetings
The Board meets the first Thursday of the month 10am-Noon at the WSU Whatcom County Extension offices. Contact Extension for details. Times are subject to change.

MG Foundation General Meetings
Second Thursday of the month. 7pm, WSU Whatcom County Extension Office

Master Gardeners Foundation Board

Elected Board Members

President: Harriet Arkley
1st Vice President: Kay Fast
2nd Vice President: Kathleen Bander and Barbara Schickler
Secretary: Kathy Barrett
Treasurer: Marilyn Glenn
Members at Large: Barbara King and Mill Shires
Representative to State Foundation: Sandy Keathley

MG Foundation Board Meeting Minutes/Documents

- Budget - October 31, 2017

- Minutes - September 28, 2017

- Budget - September 27, 2017

- Minutes - September 7, 2017

- Budget - August 31, 2017

- Minutes - August 3, 2017

- Minutes - July 6, 2017

- Budget - June 30, 2017

- Minutes - June 1, 2017

- Budget - May 31, 2017

- Minutes - May 4, 2017



Master Gardener Logo

Upcoming Events:

MG Foundation General Meeting
Foundation Board meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month, at 10 am.

Exception Note: The October 5th meeting has been moved to Thursday, September 28th.

Foundation Webpage


Monthly Plant Study Group
Location: Cordata Food Cooperative upstairs meeting room
Time: 9am-11am
Contact: Karen Gilliam

Special Links:
Community Gardens Map (link)
Hovander Demonstration Gardens Brochure (pdf)
List of CFG Partner Gardens (pdf)
Garden Directory (pdf)

Current Issue:

Weeder's Digest


Hovander Demonstration Gardens Brochure


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