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Frequently Asked Questions

     - "Where can I get a soil test done?"
     - "I have ants/bugs/spiders! What kind are they and how can I prevent them?"
     - "How do I prune my fruit trees?"

Find the answer to these and other Frequently Asked Questions! (pdf)


Resources & Links

Soil Testing for Home Gardeners in Whatcom County
Local Labs for Home Gardener Testing (pdf)
The what, when and how to soil test for home gardeners (pdf)

WSU Publications (link)

Whatcom County Noxious Weed Site (link)

Gardening in Western Washington (link)

WSU Turfgrass Science (link)

Cornell University Urban Horticulture Institute (link)

Management of Cherry Bark Tortrix (pdf)

How to Prune Trees - USFS (link)

Forest Health Protection—Hazard Trees (link)

Common tree diseases of British Columbia (link)

Certified Arborist Directory (link)

Plant Hardiness Zone Map (link)

WSU Hortsense
Home gardener fact sheets for managing plant problems with IPM or Integrated Pest Management. (link)

WSU Pestsense
Fact sheets for managing common indoor pest problems with Integrated Pest Management or IPM. (link)

WSU-Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory
Committed to helping the citizens of Washington State with plants and insects through accurate problem diagnoses. (link)

WSU Plant Pest Leaflet Series
Bulletins on problems frequently received at the laboratory, for which no formal extension bulletins or other readily available information exists. (link)

Cloud Mountain Farm Center (link)

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Plant Defoliators
Discovering and Exploring the Leaf-feeding Insects in Our Region (link)

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook
A tool for making decisions regarding the control and management of important insect pests in the Pacific Northwest. (link)

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook
Reference guide to the control and management tactics for the more important plant diseases in the Pacific Northwest. (link)

National Plant Diagnostic Network Training Modules
Agricultural security through protecting health and productivity of plants in agricultural and natural ecosystem. (link)

First Detector Training for Master Gardeners
Information, presentation materials, and images related to the detection of exotic or newly introduced plant pests. (link)

National Agriculture Pest Information System Pest Tracker
Publishes survey maps for pests of agricultural and forest commodities and provides links to pest news and information. (link)

Hiring a Pest Management Professional - Oregon Urban IPM
Professional technicians should identify conditions that contribute to pest problems and include IPM solutions as part of their service program. (link)

Tree Diseases: WSU Extension
Here you will find information on identifying and managing some common tree diseases in Washington forests and landscapes. (link)

Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia
Web site about Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia (link)

Living With Bugs
Least toxic solutions to everyday bug problems, by Jack DeAngelis, Oregon State U. entomologist (ret.) (link)

Invisible Itches: University of Kentucky
Insect and Non-Insect Causes (pdf)

Spotted Wing Drosophila Project
Clearing House at Oregon State University (link)

Spotted Winged Drosophila Monitoring, Identifying, and Fruit Sampling
Identifying, and Fruit Sampling - WSU Fact Sheet, FS049E (pdf)

West Nile Virus/Mosquito Info Links
Pest Management for Prevention and Control of Mosquitoes (link)

Asian Exotic Longhorn Beetles and Local Longhorn Beetles
Distinguishing the difference in Whatcom County (link)

Buggy Websites
Links about bugs, not buggy links (link)

Bees and Beekeeping Websites
Bee links (link)

Bug Book List for ID and Reading Pleasure
Books for insect identification and the pleasure of reading (link)



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