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This List serve is intended to open the lines of communication and provide
a forum for discussion between regional research, regulatory, education
outreach, and professional pest control persons dealing with crane fly
management issues. This list serve was conceived during a conference call
for the purpose of coordinating and organizing research and educational
efforts of different agencies and interested parties.

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List content:

-Announcements of updated material for the crane fly web site
-Crane Fly Q&A
-Biology and identification
-Field observations
-Research updates
-Management practices and strategies
-Pesticide registrations/restrictions
-Meeting notices


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For questions about the crane fly forum, please contact:

Colleen Burrows
IPM Program
WSU Whatcom County Extension
1000 N. Forest St. Suite 201
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 676-6736
E-mail: cburrows@wsu.edu

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