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Researchers and educators from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia have joined together to supply factual information and stimulate interest to further research for the safe and effective management of pest crane flies. The purpose of this web site is to supply research and educational information accessible to landscape professionals, pesticide applicators, public employees, concerned citizens and homeowners.

For the average lawn, crane flies are rarely a problem. Read what we've found in our Lake Whatcom crane fly surveys.

There are many misconceptions about the crane fly. They don't bite, suck blood, or carry diseases....

The forum is designed to facilitate crane fly discussion about crane fly management and biology. Join the forum to keep up-to-date!

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According to the Crane Fly Calendar, at this time of the year crane fly eggs have hatched and the small leather jackts are feeding. Begin to monitor leatherjacktets in February and March.

Fall and Winter

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