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Apple Leaf Curling Midge

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Apple Leaf Curling Midge


The apple leaf curling midge, Dasineura mali, is a recently arrived pest that is prevalent in orchards in Western Washington. The larval stage feeds on terminal leaves and curls them tightly around the feeding. The leaves eventually turn brown and drop from the tree. This causes stunting of the terminal end and can cause severe damage to young or newly grafted trees. Trees are unable to become fully productive year after year.

WSU, Whatcom County Extension, received a grant from American Farmland Trust / Environmental Protection Agency Region 10 in 2009 to work with a new pheromone in monitoring and management of the apple leaf curling midge (ALCM).

The goals of this project were to:

  1. Evaluate the efficacy of the new pheromone on ALCM in Western Washington.
  2. Determine if the pheromone could be used as a management tool on small acreages.

For more information about the Apple Leaf Curling Midge in Whatcom County, please contact:

Colleen Burrows, IPM Coordinator
(360) 676-6736

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