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Spotted Wing Drosophila

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Identification/ Life Cycle

Know Your Enemy: Spotted Wing Drosophila vs. Other Drosophila. Toro Brooks, WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center. English verision (pdf) and Spanish version (pdf)

Identifying Drosophila suzukii. Josh Vlach, Oregon Department of Agriculture. (pdf)


Effective SWD insecticides registered for use in Oregon and Washington Small Fruit

Registered insecticides for SWD in strawberries (pdf)
Registered insecticides for SWD in blueberries (pdf)
Registered insecticides for SWD in caneberries (pdf)



Monitoring, Identifying and Fruit Sampling for Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, Tanigoshi et al 2011. (pdf)

Current Recommendations for Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, in PNW Caneberries, Tanigoshi et al 2011. (pdf)

Current Recommendations for Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, in PNW Strawberries, Dreves et al 2011. (pdf)

Current Recommendations for Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, in PNW Blueberries, Bruck et al 2011. (pdf)

Novel Field Application Techniques for Control of SWD in Mature Blueberry. Tanigoshi et al 2011. (pdf)

Spotted Wing Drosophila Field Guide. To assemble guide, take care to cut/fold on the appropriate lines. (pdf)

Assessment of Solutions Used for the Purpose of Determining Spotted Wing Drosophila Larval Infestation in Blueberry Fruit. Tracy Hueppelsheuser, BC Ministry of Agriculture, August 2010. (pdf)

Blackberry Removal for SWD Management, Wayne Chaudiere, Conservation District CREP Program, (pdf)


Distribution Maps

WSU Whatcom County is coordinating with other extension offices and a private company to monitor Western Washington raspberry and blueberry fields for Spotted Wing Drosophila. See map for results.

Peerbolt Crop Management. Spotted Wing Drosophila Population Charts by County Quadrant.

Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network. Real-Time & Historical Spotted Wing Drosophila Maps.


SWD presentations from 2011 Small Fruit Conference

Spotted Wing Drosophila in Western Washington
Colleen Burrows, WSU Whatcom County Extension

Research Updates on SWD management in Blueberry and Red Raspberry
Lynell Tanigoshi, WSU Mount Vernon NWREC

Spotted Wing Drosophila: Update for Coastal British Columbia
Tracy Hueppelsheuser, BC Ministry of Agriculture

SWD Progress in Oregon
Amy Dreves, Oregon State University

SWD in California
Mark Bolda, University of California Extension

Trellising Systems for SWD Management
Tom Walters, WSU Mount Vernon REC


Others working on SWD Management

A research team, including scientists from California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are collaborating to understand the lifecycle of this pest as well as monitoring and management techniques. The website, has comprehensive reports and bulletins from all participating institutions.

Lynell Tanigoshi and his team at the Northwestern Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernon have posted information on their work on SWD at:

Information on Spotted Wing Drosophila specific to eastern Washington agricultural production can be found on the Washington State University Extension SWD website at:

British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture host information on Spotted Wing Drosophila on their website at:


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