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Gold Level: $1,500 - $4,999

Alcoa Intalco Works

Alcoa Intalco Works Website

Alcoa Intalco Works is located at 4050 Mountain View Road in Ferndale Washington.


Ag Water Board

The Ag Water Board provides support and representation for Watershed Improvement Districts in Whatcom County by helping coordinate actions on issues affecting agriculture, assisting with organizational and administrative services, and ensuring transparency and accountability of actions.



BP’s Cherry Point Refinery helps fuel cars, trucks and airplanes throughout the Pacific Northwest, while making major contributions to the global aluminum industry. Beyond its business operations, the refinery has a proud history of conserving and improving the rich habitats that surround it.


City of Bellingham

Support safe, satisfying and prosperous community life by providing the citizens of Bellingham with quality, cost-effective services that meet today’s needs and form a strong foundation for the future.


Herrera Inc.

Herrera’s interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and planners blend more than 90 different disciplines to solve complicated problems facing governments, businesses, tribes, and non-profits.


Natural Systems Design

Natural Systems Design is a team of scientists, engineers, and planners who are also farmers, fishermen, and impassioned river people who have organized our lives to have a positive influence upon our world. Through landscape-scale restoration of ecosystems and physical processes, we strive to promote quality of life for local communities and restore balance to natural systems.


RH2 Engineering Inc.

For more than 39 years, RH2 Engineering has been delivering exceptional projects to clients in the Pacific Northwest by providing engineering, planning, and environmental services.


Whatcom County Marine Resource Committee

The Whatcom County Marine Resource Committee (MRC) was established by the County Council in 1999 to protect and enhance the local marine environment and contribute to the protection of the marine environment of the Northwest Straits.


Whatcom County

Whatcom County develops and implements a wide variety of activities under their Water and Natural Resource Program including those associated with lakes (including Lake Whatcom), stormwater, salmon recovery, shellfish, river and flooding, marine resources, water quality, and water/watershed planning.


Silver Level: $1,000 - $1,499


Bronze Level: $500 - $999

Associated Earth Sciences, Inc.


Contech Engineered Solutions


NW Ecological Services


Washington Sea Grant


Whatcom Family Farmers




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