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Sustainable Landscaping

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A sustainable landscape cooperates with nature, renews itself, requires less maintenance, uses less energy, and conserves and protects our water resources.

Water resource faculty and staff work with our community horticulture program to offer classes, workshops and a variety of web-based information to help homeowners create their own sustainable landscape that meets their individual needs. Many of our programs are done in partnership with other local organizations to help reduce impacts associated with residential stormwater runoff.

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Gardening Green:
Sustainable Landscape Class

Learn fun, simple, and practical gardening tips that will help you design a beautiful landscape while protecting the health of your family and the environment. Classes will educate participants on soil analysis, native plants, planting design & plans, low impact maintenance, stormwater management, water conservation techniques for landscaping, and integrated pest management. Class format includes presentations, guest speakers, demonstrations, tours, hands-on activities, and discounts for plant purchases. Pre-registration required.

8 class sessions:
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9-1pm, April 23-May 16

For more information call (360) 671-3891 or

Program Sponsors: WSU Extension and City of Bellingham

The class is open to all!




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