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State of the Bay


Videos of the 2015 SOTB


Bert Webber, Western Washington University, gives a short overview of Bellingham Bay to set the stage for discussion. Webber talks about boundaries, jurisdictions, impacts, current issues and what we might see in the future.


Local jurisdictions discuss key issues, challenges and research needs with Bellingham Bay. This segment is facilitated by Carl Weimer, Whatcom County Council, and speakers include: Jon Hutchings, City of Bellingham; Mike Hogan, Port of Bellingham; Gary Stoyka, Whatcom County; Randy Kinley, Lummi Nation.


Overview of key physical processes that set the foundation for talks on chemistry and biologic ecosystems. Including seafloor mapping, water circulation, shoreline change and nutrient loading. This segment is facilitated by Eric Grossman, U.S. Geological Survey, and speakers include: Eric Grossman; Tarang Khangaonkar, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Jim Johannessen, Coastal Geologic Services; Mark Von Prause, Washington Department of Ecology.


Overview of chemical systems studied, including: sediment quality, organic and nutrient loading, and stormwater data.


Studies that look at the marine food web, including: seagrass in Portage Bay, sea star wasting disease, and estuary salmon assessment. Group host: Jude Apple, Western Washington University. Panel Includes: Marco Hatch, National Indian Center for Marine Environmental Research and Education; Ben Miner, Western Washington University; Eric Beamer, Skagit River Cooperative.


Ken Dzinbal, Puget Sound Partnership, compares Bellingham Bay to all Puget Sound and shows monitoring gaps in the system.


Panel of experts list priorities and needs for future projects. Followed by a question and answer session.



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