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2004 Western Washington Delimiting Survey for Agriotes obscurus and A. lineatus (Coleoptera: Elateridae), Exotic Wireworm Pests New to the United States

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Eric H. LaGasa1, Jasmine Loucks2, and Lisa Spurrier2
2004 Entomology Project Report - WSDA PUB 805-122
Executive Summary

Exotic wireworm pests found for the first time in the U.S. in a small 2000 survey were further delimited in this 159-trap survey. Both target species were found in Pierce and Thurston Counties, but not Clark County. Adult beetle activity was recorded from March through May, peaking in early April.

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Agriotes_Clark Agriotes_Thurston Catch by Date Pierce Chart
Alineatus_Pierce_Med Aobscurus_Pierce_Med  

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