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Archips podana (Scopoli) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Host Survey 2002 - Northwest Washington Occurrence of an Old World Tree-fruit Pest New to the United States

Eric H. LaGasa1, Patrik Hertzog2, Denise Bowden2, and  Bob Fair2

Executive Summary

First U.S. occurrence of the European leafroller pest species, Archips podana, previously known to be in B.C., Canada, is reported from pheromone-trap, light-trap, and larval-rearing survey records.  Current distribution in Washington State is limited to part of Whatcom county, adjacent to B.C., where the species was reared from apple, native hawthorn, mountain ash, plum, and amelanchier (serviceberry).  Host plant (defoliation) damage from A. podana was not prominent.  Diagnostic graphics of larvae and the distinctive and variable adult moths, distribution maps, and limited flight data are also presented.

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A Podana Male A Podana immature larva A Rosanus immature larva
A Podana Male Larva A Rosanus Male Larva A Podana Female Larva
A Rosanus Female Larva A Podana Male Spread A Podan female spread
A Podana Male Common Form A Podana Male darker form A Podana male purple form
A Podana Female common form A Podana Female darker form A podana female purple form