1999 Entomology Project Report - WSDA PUB 034 (N/1/00)
Laboratory Services Division, Pest Program
Washington State Department of Agriculture

1999 Western Washington Tipula oleracea Survey (Diptera: Tipulidae)

Eric H. LaGasa, Chief Entomologist - WSDA, Olympia

Arthur L. Antonelli, Extension Entomology Specialist - WSU, Puyallup

Executive Summary

In 1998, a new species of European crane fly was found in the Pacific Northwest (in B.C., Canada). The new species, Tipula oleracea L., is closely related to the serious crane fly pest known regionally as the "European crane fly", Tipula paludosa Meigan, introduced earlier this century. Tipula oleracea is also an economic pest of many plants in Europe, is larger than T. paludosa, and completes two generations per year (T. paludosa completes only one). A cooperative state/federal survey for T. oleracea conducted in 1999 was limited by lack of practical existing methods to identify crane fly larvae and to survey adult crane flies. Efforts to develop suitable methods were inconclusive, and more work is needed. Adult T. oleracea can be identified by physical characters described in the technical literature, and adult specimens collected in 1999 determined that T. oleracea is present from Vancouver, Canada, to Salem, Oregon, west of the Cascade Mountains. Adult T. oleracea were collected Early-April through June, and mid-August to mid-September. To estimate current crane fly impacts, a limited survey of commercial Puget Sound area Pest Control Operators estimated current home-owner-applied crane fly pesticide treatment costs in Western Washington to be nearly $13 million annually.


1999 Project Objectives

Identification of T. oleracea



Biological Data


Pertinent Literature

This project was a cooperative effort of the Washinton State Department of Agriculture and the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Funding for field and lab support staff were provided by a Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) grant from the USDA PHIS Western Region (#99-8553-0249-CA)

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