OSU Develops Online Tool to Assist Vegetable Growers to More Accurately Predict Harvest Dates

Chris Benedict

WSU Whatcom County Extension

Nick Andrews and Len Coop of Oregon State University have developed an online tool that integrates weather data to better predict vegetable harvests. This model called CROPTIME is based on the premise that temperature drives plant growth (and other organisms as well), degree days can be calculated. Degree days are commonly used to predict insect and plant disease development and can be effectively utilized to time management strategies. This information once combined with data collected from previous field research can predict harvest windows. Having this information can assist a vegetable grower to more effectively match supply to market demand.


The online tool can be found at: http://uspest.org/wea/. To date there are just a few varieties available, but more are being evaluated and will be added in the near future.





Click on US/Google Maps interface


Choose CROPTIME models

Then choose the crop and variety of interest.

Then choose the planting date (orange arrow). The model outputs harvest and flowering dates (green arrow). For more detailed information click “Click here to CALC/RUN full model w/daily output” (yellow arrow).